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Cell Phone Tracker – Gps Tracking Device to Trace Mobile Number and Location


Do you know

80% of road accident happens due to distracted driver killing thousands of teens every year

20% of teens are responsible for their own accident, because of texting and driving

Teenager sends on an average of 100 SMS a day


Wait !!! here is few question for you

>  Are you concern about your child and want to remotely supervise your child location
>  Do you want to track your girlfriend/boyfriend location
>  Do you want to protect your child from school bullies or predator
>  Do you want to check whether your child is texting and driving
>  Do you suspect whether your child, spouse are in danger and you want to track their location
> Are they involve in drugs and alcohol

Do not worry here is a solution to all your Problems

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About Software

The software which you are looking for to track mobile location  and which will genuinely help you to track the location of any cell phone you want to track, it intelligently spy cell phone . It will keep you updating current location of mobile used on certain interval of time which you sets, like after every 5 mins, or 10 mins, or 1hr. In additional you have a real time option ‘Locate now’ to immediately find the location of the mobile.

Below is the screen shot of software location updation.

track mobile location

It track mobile location through GPS. When Gps is not available it automatically uses information from alternative location provided by Phone to approximate location.

Click Below To Get The Software And Learn More About The Software And How Its Works

Interesting features of Software 

* Now Track Mobile Location

* Find Your Loved Ones

* Stop Distracted Driving

* Stop Bullies & Predators

* Find out if your child/spouse involved with Drugs or Alcohol

* Discover Bullying & Predators

* Stop Using Adult Apps

* Recognize Spyware

* Stop Sexting

* View Multimedia Messages

* Remotely Block Apps & Calls

* Remotely Block Text Messages

* Read Text Messages

* View Call & Web History

* View Apps & App Alerts

* Read Phone Address Book

* View all type of activity done on Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE Messages

* View Facebook Chats & Messages

How to Install

After purchase confirmation you will receive an email with simple instructions on how to download and activate it, and access your secure Web account.

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    1. hi, you need to install the application on that person cell phone. You can access all his/her activity from your pc or mobile.

  1. hii,
    how to install this software to the taget mobile.because this mobile is far from me.and if she knows then it will be negative.

  2. Can i know the mobile location even if the location service at this mobile is turned off.

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