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Hack Someones Whatsapp Messenger is all about how you can background check/spy on your kids, spouse WhatsApp conversation and their activity on WhatsApp.  The software will not only track WhatsApp messages and conversation but its new features will help you to track your kids through GPS tracking, it will also record all calls and messages of a cell phone which you want to spy.

Amazing Features of the Software

Track your kids full Whatsapp messenger Record voice notes
Read all messages, conversation of their cell phone Block unwanted Apps
View all picture shared to any friends Block Contacts
View all contact of the user and their friends list Block Text Messages
View all activity of the user on their cell phone Spy on Viber Account
Spy on full Skype messages and calls Spy on Line Messages and calls

About  Software

This software has two components, a Recorder that can be installed on target phone Android, iPhone or BlackBerry, which will record activity and location, and a Client for remotely viewing your child’s, friends, spouse phone activity and location. The Client is available as a secure Web application and an Android phone application. You can hide the icon so that user will never know that they are being spied.

It can easily spy on someones WhatsApp messenger, Line Messenger, Facebook Messages, iMessage, Skype, viber Communication and activities are recorded as they appear on users phone and these recorded activities are not affected by deleting any information on the phone by the user. For your convenient conversation are matched against phone book so that it becomes easy to recognize friends and strangers.

Whats new ? Newly Added Features will let you monitor 

Facebook Chat

Skype messages


Telegram Messenger

Monitor iMessage – No jailbreak 

LINE Messages and Calls

Track Location of target device

Monitor SMS Text Messages

MMS Multi-Media Messages

Record Call History

Track down Website History & App Usage

Remotely Block Apps, Recognize Spyware & Malicious Apps with App Alerts

free trial

 Why This software?

Parental Monitoring – This software has all new technology to spy on cell phone or mobile monitoring. This will not only keep your child on a safer side from any violence but it will also keep you update, what your child is up to on their cell phone. You can track view all Apps downloaded on their cell phone, record calls, view text messages etc….

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Prevent from fraud – If you have any doubt on your kids, girlfriend, boyfriends this software is best for you to spy on whatsapp messenger, Skype and other apps. It will track all text messages and conversation of their cell phone, multimedia messages, pictures shared on any app,  and even it till track their current location.

Family protection – Trough this software you can track the current location of your family if you suspect they are in need or danger. It will give you immediate information with its latest technology.

This Software features can only be utilized if:

 You are monitoring a rooted device and the WhatsApp monitor app installed on it.

 You have to purchase the subscription which includes the WhatsApp messenger monitoring feature.

 You properly install the software by following our instructional guidance notes of the software which you will receive in your email after subscribing.

How to install the software

Follow the instruction below to install the software. It will take only few minutes and you are done.

Subscribe for the service and download the software in your device.

Install the client software in target phone.

Login to control panel dashboard from your PC, Mac or mobile and start tracking user activity over their mobile phone.

Below is the Screenshot of the software control Panel


The software is also available with the trial version for your satisfaction that how this software works.


How to Get 7 days free subscription

  • Click the link here, you will be redirected to trail page.
  • Fill in the required details
  • Before submitting the details do not forget to check this point mention “I understand that I will not be charged in 7 days if I cancel the subscription.”



Here are few Questions to worry about

  • Are you tense, how to check your child activity over their cell phone?
  • Do you Want to track location of your love ones?
  • Do you wish to view pictures exchanged by your spouse over WhatsApp and various apps?
  • Is Your Spouse Cheating on you ?
  • Do you want to record all calls and voice notes of your loved one or kids?     or
  • Do you want to check your child, spouse, friends conversation on WhatsApp?

You are at right place…………

text yr ex back (1)-minDon’t worry here is a solution to all your problems. Now you can easily spy on someones WhatsApp messenger, Facebook, Line, Skype whether it’s be on android, blackberry or iPhone. WhatsApp Messenger spy is only possible with the help of whatsapp spy software which is now used worldwide, but still many are not aware of this amazing software.

The best part is that your spouse/child will never come to know that they are being spied.








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