Hello !!! my self Sheefa

I am a working women and a mother of two children(a girl and a boy). Purpose of creating this website is to help those parent like me who are always worried about their kids when they are at work. Now a days excessive use of internet are spoiling many kids who are not controlled by their parents. Kids have no idea about right and wrong at their age. So basically whats is in front of their face is right for them, they do not have ability to think deeply about right and wrong at there teenage and perfect guideline is very important for them.

When I am working in office I have no idea about my kids where they are and what they are doing after their school hours until and unless I call them to inquire, but do you get correct answers? I found my son remaining upset and tense I asked him the reason and he dint tell. Always using his phone texting and getting worried. I even tried to check his text messages and call but everything was cleared from phone. This was bringing me in tension that why my son is changing like this and how can I help him. I used to browse on several idea and tricks to help my son but nothing works and after browsing for hours and hours I found this website(which I have shared in this website)to background check my son activity over his phone. I found that my son is being fooled by some person for money. Somebody has brain washed my sons mind that he can pass all his examination without studying and working hard with good marks. He will provide him question paper and for that he need lot of money. My son was continuously getting messages like “have you arranged money”,  “you will definitely fail this time, paper is very difficult”, “you have few days to left to arrange for money” etc……… . After reading all this I was like speechless that where I went wrong in guiding my kid. I dint ask anything from him related to this context and I started teaching him never to cheat any one and everything relating. My son is now back he is happier again, no worry about exams and money. He studies well and even brings good marks in exam. He understood that he was going in wrong path effort bring result, but he ever came to know that I actually check his cell phone and solved his problem.

By the use of this software you can basically stop your kids from performing any illegal activity, browsing unwanted and porn sites. There are also many people who uses internet to bully these kids by using various messenger with their fake ID’s. These people try to send these kids some explicit picture, adult images and short videos. Some kids avoid all this stuff but all kids cant avoid this type of activity. Its is completely parents responsibility to protect their kids from these types of cyber bullying.

There are many application, social networking sites which are under a high demand among kids and adult as well like whatsapp messenger, Facebook messenger, Viber, Skype. This software is designed for parents to have a background check on them and this software also track current location of cell phone. So it for the purpose of their child good to use this as whatsapp messenger spy software, Facebook messenger spy, spy Skype conversation, block porn’s website, records calls and lots more. This is the best way to protect your child from becoming victim of cyber bullying.

I have also recommended this software to many of my paranoid spouse, who wants to background check their spouse activity behind them and many of the problem has been solved.